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        Yang Hao has written a glorious history, to describe the splendid picture of monkey. 2015 is special joy and hardships of the year handshake. 2015 is the joy and melancholy because Reiter spend a year. Law gradually back Chunhui, Vientiane before updating now we bid farewell to 2015, ushered in a hopeful 2016. 2015, the past; 2016, is now. 2015 is a historical turning point worth looking forward to. Anyway, we have to strive to meet the new challenges and opportunities, to cherish the precious life and friendship, to thank all the love and support, to pay their own sincerity and efforts, to the achievements of the cause and Huihui.

        Opportunity contains wonderful, innovative achievements, the new year to open new hope, new process bearing new dream. In 2016, we meet the challenge and write Huazhang a crucial year! We will be full of confidence and toward a higher goal because there is a dream, our daytime, seize the day; because of the commitment, we hesitate, march forward courageously!

        2016 is a year of unlimited business opportunities. Law gradually back Chunhui, Vientiane before updating. The new year opens a new journey and hope, to meet new opportunities and challenges. Let us join hands toward a more ambitious goal, to continue the beautiful new industry!

         The ring of the bell in 2016, announced the end of the 15 year, the beginning of the new year. The end of the year there are too many regrets, the beginning of the year and there are too many expectations.

    In the beautiful and rich division lake, is a shining pearl inlaid in jiangsu rhett electronic equipment co., LTD. (formerly hongze county rhett electronic equipment co., LTD.). It has more than 30 years production of mechanical, electrical, electronic equipment history. Is specializing in the production of electrical and electronic measuring instrument, low-voltage switchgear, power cabinets, network cabinets, outdoor cabinets, boxes, hanging box, console...
     Fast laser cutting machine
     Electric Vehicle Charging Station on line
     Ruite electronic finish financing procedures
     TRUMPF 3000 automation
     Jiangsu Right Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. new..
     Congratulate SALVAGNINI multilateral center put ..

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    The marketing department of Electronic equipment:0517-87230346FAX:0517-87230323righthyz@126.com

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